Naples - Portraiture

My final project is named ‘Italian Life’. This is because I was inspired by the local people living in Italy. Within this project I tried to capture natural shots of people in and around Naples and Sorrento, the places I visited on my week long trip to Naples. I found Naples a very inspiring city to visit, considering everywhere I went was new and exciting to me and I saw a lot of interesting photographic opportunities while I explored Naples throughout the course of the week.  In order to successfully complete this project I had to view Naples as a photographer instead of a tourist which at first was a challenge. I tried to focus on the areas of study given and photograph what was real for me and not what was a distraction from my work. I feel I did this well as I have a large selection of photographs, which I feel hit the briefs given. The areas of study I had to look at were portraits, spaces or details.  When I was in Naples on location I was unsure of which project brief to choose so I decided to try out each one, then I could decide which images turned out the most successfully after the trip. I’m glad that I did this as it meant I could experiment with the camera settings which was helpful for me in getting to know how to use my camera.  The first brief I decided to focus on was space, for this I was inspired by the vibrancy and textural quality of the buildings with the contrast of the blue sky so I tried to incorporate this into each photo. I found this a difficult subject to focus on, as the idea of it was so broad, also it was easy to take tourist style photos with the street photography aspect which I tried to avoid.
The more I got to know Naples, the more comfortable I became in being there so I decided for the next brief, portraiture that I would ask people if I could take their photos. I did enjoy doing this and I was successful in doing so but I found that the portraits I came out with looked posed and not natural. I found my most effective ones to be the natural shots where the subject didn’t know I was taking the photo so I tried to be subtle and zoomed the camera in to get shots from further away. My favourite photo was taken at the market in Naples on the final day. I wanted to go into the market and try to subtly take photos but this was difficult. I like this particular picture of market life mainly because of a lady stood in the centre of the photo; she is stood smiling directly at the camera and looks out of place in comparison to the people being busy around her. I also love how the photograph is so vibrant and colourful which works well because of all the happy looking characters who are a part of it.

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