Self Portrait

This project is a representation of how I sometimes see myself as trapped, I see myself this way because of the countless times people have called me a quiet person. The more people said it, the more I started to believe it and it has become a label in my head that I am battling to get rid of. Through doing this project I have come up with a conceptual idea to show me trying to escape from my negative, self doubting thoughts. There is a concept behind these photos, have dressed myself up to look like a puppet or a doll, trapped in a cage. I chose puppetry as a concept, as puppets are controlled and don't have their own voice, which sometimes I can see this relatable to how I perceive myself. In each of these photos I tried to make my eyes the main subject to draw attention to the doll like make up. I took these photographs in a dog pen on a farm and added the rope to some of the photographs to frame the image and act as another metaphor of feeling trapped. I styled, edited and shot this project myself because I knew exactly how I wanted the final series to look. 

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